Jason Hartman Real Estate Success Stories: Build Your Wealth With Real Estate Investing


Working hard and saving money early, investing in real estate while shunning the scam that is Wall Street, diversifying your real estate portfolio: These all are characteristics that marked Jason Hartman’s meteoric rise to multi-million status at a young age and helped him create the Platinum Properties Investor Network.

They also are the characteristics of the following three investors, who, right at college age — just like Jason Hartman — started growing their portfolios by investing in the world’s most historically proven asset class, which is real estate, and have enjoyed, along the way, wondrous results.

Join with us as we tell these Jason Hartman Real Estate Success Stories and how each person has built wealth, via real estate investing:

Ani Wee/Anchorage, Alaska/Federal Auditor and an Investor in Jason Hartman and the Platinum Properties Investment Network.

Ani has worked for the federal government for 10 years. Originally from Taiwan, she attended boarding school in Michigan, went to college in Alaska and has lived in both Anchorage and Barrow, which is on the northern tip of America’s Last Frontier, while working as a federal accountant.

In 2008, while looking to invest in her future at the same time that the stock market crashed (and while she and many, many others wisely began contemplating whether they should invest in Wall Street at all), Ani heard a podcast that was produced by Jason Hartman and the Platinum Property investment network. With the theme that Wall Street is a scam to avoid, the Hartman podcast “resonated with me,” Ani told Jason recently during her own guest appearance on that very same show, “Creating Wealth.”

And, “A lot of (other) people told me that with the crash, real estate would be a better investment opportunity than gold or silver.”

Ani was inspired about the same time by a 1997 book that anybody who has contemplated a future in real-estate investing already knows: “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” by Robert T. Kiyosaki, which, written in parable form, espouses real-estate investments.

Ani started a little close to home, you might say, by buying her neighbor’s condominium. She later sold the condo and shifted her investment to Florida instead, buying a property from the Platinum Properties Investor Network. Soon she would buy a second property, and then four more, and her total investments since have grown to include five duplexes and three single-family homes. Ani has thus diversified her portfolio and done so geographically, owning her own condo in Alaska and also property in Florida, Arizona and Mississippi.

Ani obviously learned a lesson that Jason Hartman and Platinum Properties investors teach often from their lecterns: That you should invest in real estate rather than Wall Street, and you should do so geographically.

She also has gained a like for side-by-side duplexes, which isn’t necessarily a Jason Hartman and Platinum philosophy, but she has diversified her real-estate portfolio nonetheless.

Ani recommends investing in real estate early, as she did. “I also would consider duplex investing, because even if you lose a renter, you still have another renter paying the mortgages and property tax and insurance, and that will make it easier for you to hold the property.”

Joe Fairless/Former NYC Ad Agency Employee/Now Apartment Syndicator Who Controls $130 Million Worth of Real Estate.

Soon after finishing college in Texas, Joe took a “Midnight Cowboy” sort of ride to the bright lights of New York City, where he started working for an ad agency as a junior project manager at a salary of $30,000 per year. “Clearly, I didn’t have money to invest in real estate, but as I progressed, I was able to save,” Joe tells Jason Hartman in another recent “Creating Wealth” podcast.

However, Joe soon rose to become the youngest vice president of an ad agency in NYC with a salary of $150,000 per year, plus bonus. All the while, he lived in the same, sparse New York apartment, paying the same rent and living with seven different roommates he found on Craig’s List over that nine-year period. By living prudently and saving his money, Joe was practicing what Jason Hartman and Platinum Properties network investors have found to be a key to early-investment success: He was delaying gratification so he could save, which is a sign of foresight and will ultimately bring success to a real estate investor’s life.

In 2009, Joe bought his first piece of real estate: A four-bedroom, two-bath, single-family home in Duncanville, Texas, 15 minutes south of Dallas, and that, in hindsight, would turn out to be a good investment. He bought another property a year later, then another the next year and then another the year after that.

Joe, too, like Ani Wee, was inspired about the same time by reading Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book and started to look at investing in apartment buildings. He quit his ad-agency job and started focusing on a future in real estate instead.

Today, after raising more than $1 million from private investors to close his first multi-family housing deal, Joe and his business, Ashcroft Capital, own eight apartment communities in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth that are worth $130 million. Joe is the author of a book, “The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever,” and is host of a long-running podcast by the same name (on which Jason Hartman, of the Platinum Properties investment network, has appeared as a guest twice, we might add).

A key to his success, Joe says, is that he focuses on what he sees as a personal strength, which is raising money for his deals.

“My focus now is raising money and making sure we have some equity money for every deal, which leaves the rest to my partner,” who’s a specialist in multi-family housing and does most of each transaction’s underwriting.

Elisabeth Embry/Founder of Really Investing, Seattle/Platinum Properties Investors Network Member/Co-Host of Women Information Network (WIN) Podcast With Jason Hartman.

After earning a degree in anthropology from the University of Washington, Elisabeth, rather than digging up bones, focused on a career in technology, serving in managerial and corporate roles with such companies as T-Mobile, IBM, Amazon during four of its formative years and Expedia.

She began investing in real estate along the way, and now, as co-founder of Really Investing in Seattle suburb Bellevue, she boasts a large income-property portfolio with 50-plus properties and has become a successful coach and mentor of female entrepreneurs. And, yes, part of her large real estate portfolio arose as a follower and investor in Jason Hartman and the Platinum Properties Investor Network.

Elisabeth has found success, in part, by understanding how to analyze the data necessary to make solid real estate investments in linear markets, or those markets that are considered to be more stable investments over time than bouncing up and down like cyclical markets do.

Though not a Donald Trump fan, Elisabeth is excited “about the tax promise” that the Republican administration is trying to get through Congress, meaning it will offer benefits to those in the world of real estate investing.

“Seattle has been on a massive upswing ever since 2008 when we hard a sharp decline for the housing market … it has pushed well through the roof,” she says. Also in Seattle’s favor, she says, are Canadian proposals to levy 15 percent more tax on foreign investors, which should entice more Chinese investors to do more business southward, as in the Pacific Northwest.

Elisabeth also is excited about the Women Information Network podcasts, which she and Jason Hartman started co-hosting and launched just this spring.

With WIN, “We’re helping women win in investing and in life,” Elisabeth says. “The types of guests we have focus on strengths and strategies around career, corporate, entrepreneur, business, family, communication, health, wellness, longevity — there’s a wide variety of things. But there’s also the element of real-estate investing, which is a cornerstone of the show.”

The WIN podcasts, co-produced by the Platinum Properties investment network, were just released in May and offer insightful information on such subjects as when it might be time to raise the rent, cash on cash return and building your own real estate team. Check out the first eight episodes on WIN’s iTunes channel.

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