When it comes to understanding and profiting in the complex domestic real estate markets, you will be hard-pressed to find a more informed individual than Jason Hartman.

Throughout his long and successful career, Jason Hartman has been involved in several thousand real estate transactions, and has owned income properties in 11 states and 17 cities.

To help others achieve the same level of financial freedom that he has, Jason created his company, Platinum Properties Investor Network, Inc., which assists investors through purchasing property in prudent markets nationwide.

They scour the entire country with an “Area Agnostic™” approach, and select the most suitable and sensible markets to recommend to their investors.

This means that you benefit from their experience and expertise, and won’t waste countless hours trying to undergo the process all by yourself.

To further assist your pursuit of wealth creation, Jason hosts a popular podcast, and holds educational events and seminars around the world.

The idea is to inform you with the knowledge you need to develop your own real estate purchasing skills so you can make informed decisions.

He has also has created software to track your investments, which lets you easily locate, finance and purchase properties in these exceptional markets with confidence and peace of mind.

Jason recognizes that we are in a global monetary crisis caused by decades of misguided policies.

If the cycle of financial dependence is to be broken, literacy and self-reliance are a good start.

Jason Hartman and company actively sets out to fill this need.